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There’s New Clothing Line Designed for Children With Autism…And It’s Awesome

Parents who have children with autism understand how difficult it can be to get dressed every morning. As a disorder, autism affects the neural development of an individual, and is distinguished by repeated behaviors, and limited social skills. Along with this, one of the signs of autism is experiencing difficulty with fine and gross motor […]

The Future is NAO: the Therapy Robot That Helps Children With Autism Improve Social Skills

For parents with children on the autism spectrum, finding the right special education programs and therapy programs is an important and vital step in your child’s educational journey. While finding proper programs and schools for children with autism is an obvious and important step, special needs students benefit from supplementary educational programs that include varied […]

Helping Special Needs Students Thrive

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as one in 50 school-age children have been diagnosed with some form of autism. What is autism? Autism alters how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize in the brain, affecting information processing. As a disorder of neural development, autism is characterized […]

Common Signs of Autism All Parents Should Be Aware of

For years, autism spectrum disorders remained a bit of a mystery to doctors and scientists. While there is still no known single cause of autism, nor is there any cure, autism research has drastically improved our understanding of this range of disorders. It is now known that genetics play a strong role in the development […]

How One Student With Autism Changed the Way Society Views Autism Spectrum Disorders

Over 3 million Americans are affected by autism spectrum disorders, a number that has increased significantly since the 1980s. Although autism impacts so many lives, it is still little understood by many people in our society. Autism spectrum disorders even puzzle doctors, who, despite making great strides in the area, have yet to understand what […]

Special Needs or Not, Children Deserve a High Quality Education

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism affects about one in 68 children in the United States. Autism is considered a spectrum neurodevelopmental disorder that hinders a person’s ability to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, and is often associated with repetitive behavior. Other characteristics of this disorder are limited eye contact with […]