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3 Actions to Take If Your Child Is Underperforming in School

As a parent, making sure that your child succeeds in school is one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, despite so many programs in place that try to help your child, some schools can often fall short. In many cases, shortcomings in the classroom can be linked to a learning disorder or other special need that […]

What is the Special Education System and How Does It Work?

The words “special education” represent a wide umbrella-like term that categorizes children who do not learn like their peers. Depending if they have intellectual difficulties or developmental delays, children with learning disabilities require a different approach to schooling, one that can fit their needs without a problem. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean just smaller class […]

Self-regulation tips for children with special needs

Behavioral issues are common in young children, making it difficult for them to adjust and excel in special education programs and school. Disruptive behaviors, such as temper tantrums and too much talking can negatively affect children’s learning environment. Providing parents, caregivers, and educators tips on how to help them manage their emotions, impulses, and behavior […]