Weekly Menu-Dec-16-20

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Breakfast-Red Rabbit O’s Cereal WG Honeydew Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Lunch-Chicken Cacciatore Farfalle Pasta Sauteed Kale Oranges Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Vegetarian lunch-Jerk Tofu Brown Rice Green Peas Oranges


Breakfast-Banana Pancakes WG Fruit Compote Topping Pineapples Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Lunch-Double Bean Chili Steamed Brown Rice WG Shredded Cheddar Cheese Pico de Gallo Apples Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Vegetarian lunch- 3-Cheese Rigatoni Seasonal Vegetables Apples


Breakfast-Blueberry Yogurt Parfait Cinnamon Toasted Oat Topping WG Apples Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Lunch-3-Cheese Rigatoni Garlic Broccoli Pineapples Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Vegetarian lunch- Black Bean & Cheese Quesadilla Sweet Corn Pineapples


Breakfast-Mini Bagels WG Cream Cheese Honeydew Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Lunch-Cheddar Omelette w/ Whole Grain Rolls Tomato Wedges Home Style Potatoes Oranges Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Vegetarian lunch-Black Bean Meatballs Rotini Pasta Roasted Broccoli Oranges


Breakfast-Cheese Strata WG Oranges Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Lunch-Jerk Chicken Steamed Brown Rice WG Steamed Edamame & Corn Apples Low-Fat (1%), Milk

Vegetarian lunch-Asian Tofu Salad Edamame Asian Cole Slaw Apples

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