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Working for Today… Tomorrow… And Beyond…

The Deron School’s Transition program at both the Union and the Montclair Campus are designed to assist students in making a smooth transition from high school to adult life. Integrated into all areas of the school program, activities are based upon individual student’s needs, interests and abilities.

Every student’s Transition program is composed of activities in the following areas:

  • Academic Instruction (with emphasis on functional / daily living skills)
  • Community-Based Instruction
  • Recreation
  • Prevocational & Structured Learning Experiences
  • Related & Support Services

Learning extends beyond the classroom as students explore the community at large. Community Based Instruction (CBI) provides the opportunity to make practical application of classroom instruction in the areas of travel training, retail opportunities, dining experiences, and use of public facilities and services.

Students find special enjoyment through participation in the Community Service Outreach Program. While some visit with residents at a local nursing home on a regular basis, others have participated in projects such as planting flower bulbs at the hospital, packaging fund-raising material for the Boy Scouts and filling Easter eggs for the local Rotary club.

Research has shown that recreation contributes to life satisfaction, health and wellness; thus, this is a very important part of Transition. While students enjoy field trips and school-wide events, many discover that they have special talents in one of the Fine Arts as others develop new interests through activities in elective and enrichment classes.

All students begin their “work career” at Deron participating in programs developed within the school. These in-school job placements provide the opportunity to practice good work habits and apply appropriate behaviors, while also developing skills
which may be required for certain types of gainful employment. Among the many jobs throughout the school, students can be seen assisting in the offices, specialty classes and cafeteria; providing weekly lunch service to interested staff members; collecting recyclables; and laundering shirts for the phys ed classes and community-based work program.

Structured Learning Experiences allow students to work part-time, shadowed by a Deron Job Coach. Placements in retail, food service, day-care, medical and elder-care facilities. Students are matched up with positions that complement their skill level, temperament and wishes. Duties range from banquet setup – retail pricing – shipping & receiving – patient transport. Students receive an evaluation from their employer upon completing their job assignment.

Eligible students receive half-time and part-time placements at Occupational Training Centers and County Vocational & Technical Schools, with academic programming at Deron.

Deron Social Workers assist graduating students and their families with the important task of registering with the Division of Developmental Disabilities, and also encourage them to connect with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Both of these agencies provide services to assist disabled individuals in coping with adult life issues.

Deron is pleased to note that many former students are successfully employed in the following areas: Service Industry, Food & Nutrition, Medical Services, Warehousing, Automotive Maintenance, Technology and Retail.

*Transition services, as defined by the State of NJ Dept of Education, means a coordinated set of activities, designed within an outcome-oriented process, to promote movement from school to post-school activities (various educational / employment / living placements).