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Weekly Menu February 25th – March 1st

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  • February 25, 2019

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Breakfast- Savory Apple Biscuits (WG), fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk

Lunch-Baked Pesto Chicken, Whole Grain Cous Cous, Roasted Carrots, Bell Pepper Strip, fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Vegetarian lunch- Tofu Taco al Pastor w/ Pineapple, Soft Shell Taco & Corn Honey Dew


Breakfast-Berry Waffles (WG), fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Lunch-Eggplant Parmesan, Parker House Roll (WG), Green Peas, Spring Mesclun Salad, Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette, fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Vegetarian lunch- Spinach and Cheese Lasagna & Green Beans Local Apples


Breakfast- Red Rabbit O’s Cereal (WG), fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Lunch- Homemade Beef, Meatballs w/ Marinara, Rotini Pasta, Garlic Broccoli, Chilled Sweet Corn, fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Vegetarian lunch- Black Bean Burgers with a Whole Wheat roll & Roasted Veggies Oranges


Breakfast- Hard Boiled Egg, Baguette Slices (WG), fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Lunch- Curry Chicken, Steamed Brown Rice, WG, Steamed Edamame, Fresh Cucumber Slices, fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Vegetarian lunch- Curry Tofu with Brown Rice & Green peas Cantaloupe


Breakfast-Acai Overnight Oats, fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Lunch- Spinach & Cheese, Lasagna, Seasonal Vegetables, fresh fruit, low-fat (1%) milk.

Vegetarian lunch- Italian Pasta Salad with Chickpeas, Mozzarella & Mixed Vegetables Pineapple

(WG)- Whole Grain


Our partnership with Red Rabbit will help provide students with wholesome, local, and fresh foods that nourish the body and mind. Read more about our partnership with Red Rabbit here


Red Rabbit menu 2:25