The Deron School: Interview with Principal Mariesa Grado

Mariesa Grado knows a thing or two about The Deron School’s mission — she’s held two other major positions before becoming the school’s principal nearly two years ago. Most recently, Principal Grado served as Supervisor of Elementary and Secondary Education, and before that, she was an Art Teacher for seven years. Principal Grado’s long-standing commitment […]

Quoting Excellence: Words from Celebrities with Special Needs

Celebrities with special needs have not always been in the limelight, but it’s important to remember that they not only exist but are thriving, successful, and talented individuals. Having a role model who looks or behaves like you is not always as easy for children with special needs. With the end of the year is […]

Six Tips for Travelling with Special Needs Children

The winter holidays are right around the corner, bringing with them family time, traveling, and sometimes extra levels of stress. Though vacations can be a magical period, travel can sometimes complicate the journey — as can taking extra care to ensure your special-needs child is safe, behaving, and ready for long flights or car rides. […]

3 Ways Special Education Can Improve Your Child’s Life

Special needs education is one of the most important services in the world today. Children who live with a learning disability often feel left out in other forms of education programs, but luckily there are schools for students with learning disabilities and private autism schools that can truly change a child’s life for the better. […]

How to Help Your Child Cope if They Have a Sibling with Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs or a learning disability can be a challenge for any parent. It can take a toll on parents’ lives both mentally and physically. However, if there are siblings in the picture, and those siblings do not have a learning disability, it can also be very difficult for them. In […]

3 Myths About Special Education BUSTED

If your child has special needs, you might be thinking about sending them to a special education school. You’ve probably heard that these schools are places where children with special needs are able to be themselves and can learn at their own pace. However, you might have also heard some negative things about special education […]

Easy Ways to Help Your Child with Special Needs Fall Asleep

It’s extremely important for children to get a good amount of sleep each night. If a child doesn’t get enough sleep, their mind and body will suffer. Even though it’s important for children to get sleep in general, it’s even more important for special needs students to get enough hours in. The stress to do […]

3 Things Every Parent of Child with Special Needs Should Know

As a parent of a child with special needs, you may find yourself struggling with your day-to-day life. Unlike most parents, those who have a child with special needs will have different routines and tasks that need to be completed each and every day. Even for super parents, this can be a lot to deal […]

How To Be the Best Parent for a Child with Special Needs

As a parent of a child with special needs, it can be hard to cope with the idea that your child may be treated differently and have a harder time doing simple daily tasks. It can be upsetting to watch your child struggling with learning and making friends. However, 79% of Americans say that children […]