Union Campus (Ages 3-14)

Structured and Nurturing” best describes the atmosphere in Union.  Students work towards reaching their highest level of independence utilizing tailored programs, and a unique combination of related services. Positive behavior supports, social skills, and character development are emphasized to help our students fully participate in their academic programming and community based instruction.

While they are here, they learn not only how to be a “student”, but also develop other skills and interests like music, art and athletics!


Preschool at Deron utilizes a state-approved, researched-based curriculum that inspires creativity and fosters social, emotional and language development. Learning to build on their independence, students benefit from experts in the fields of physical, occupational and speech therapy and are provided with therapeutic and recreational use of our state of the art sensory room.  

Our Collaborative Service Delivery Model can out-perform traditional methods for serving students with ASD and other language-learning disorders. Collaborative Service Delivery enables learners to acquire skills at a faster rate by taking a team approach. Team members collaborate to formulate a single educational program for each student. The team devises all treatment goals, testing methods, intervention plans, and data systems to enhance the student’s academic and social functioning in the school environment. All team members are aware of the student’s entire curriculum, and team members typically share responsibility for specific educational goals. Together we can help our students discover talents, cultivate strengths, conquer challenges, and fulfill dreams.

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