Parental Rights

Parents play an integral role in the development of our students. They are informed of progress on a regular basis through written reports and personal and telephone conferences. Parents are invited to Open Houses and many special events throughout the year.  The Deron School maintains an open door policy and parents are encouraged to visit at any time.

The Deron School is proud to offer workshops, seminars and training to help parents understand the goals and objectives of their child’s educational program and their relationship to the growth of their child.

Under New Jersey State law, parents of disabled children have special rights. In brief –

If you think your child has a disability, you have the right:

  • to have your child fully tested by your school district, at no cost to you.
  • to see the results of this testing and all other records about your child.
  • to have your school district consider the reports of people outside the district who have
    tested your child.
  • to a written notice of the district’s decision about your child’s disability and the reason
    for the decision.

If your child has a disability, you are entitled:

  • to a free, appropriate public education for your child.
  • to have your child educated to the maximum extent appropriate, in the general curriculum.
  • to have an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) written for your child.

For a thorough explanation of laws affecting education of disabled children in New Jersey, see The Right to Special Education in New Jersey, published by the Education Law Center, at

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