Closure Due to COVID-19

Check back here for updated information regarding COVID-19 closures at The Deron School. During this period, we will continue providing instruction via eLearning. More information about The Deron School eLearning program can be found in the “For Parents” section of the website. Quick links to all our digital apps are listed on the eLearning Links […]

Weekly Menu-Mar-2-6

Scroll down for additional menus Monday Breakfast-Red Rabbit O’s Cereal WG Honeydew Low-Fat (1%), Milk Lunch-Homemade Chicken & Soft Wheat Pretzels WG Honey MustardSpring Mesclun Salad Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges Cantaloupe Low-Fat (1%), Milk Vegetarian lunch- Chickpea Cacciatore Farfalle Pasta Green Peas Apples Tuesday Breakfast-Cheddar Biscuit WG Cantaloupe Low-Fat (1%), Milk Lunch- Cheesy Focaccia w/ […]

Make Dining Out With Your Child With Special Needs More Pleasant

Going out to eat with a child who has special needs, such as autism or cerebral palsy can be challenging. Other diners might not always understand your child’s needs, and you might need special accommodations from the restaurant. But taking your child out to eat is a good opportunity to acclimate your child to new […]

Weekly Menu-Jan-20-24

Scroll down for additional menus Tuesday Breakfast-Berry Waffles WG Pineapples Low-Fat (1%), Milk Lunch-Cheese & Spinach Stuffed Shells Seasonal Vegetables Cantaloupe Low-Fat (1%), Milk Vegetarian lunch- Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Roasted Broccoli Cantaloupe Wednesday Breakfast- Blueberry Bagels WG Cream Cheese Oranges Low-Fat (1%), Milk Lunch- Chicken Fajitas Soft Tortilla Shells WG Pico de Gallo […]

Practicing Restaurant Etiquette with Your Child

Going to a restaurant can be relaxing for adults, but a little funkier for children. Outside of their comfort zone of the home, children can freeze up around waiters and get upset when chicken fingers aren’t on the menu. But, as the holidays approach, you and your family may find yourselves out for meals more […]

Helping Your Child Stay Active this Winter

Winter is a time where we like to hibernate: we eat a lot over the holidays and then stay indoors and lounge in the cooler months. This can make it hard to stay active, especially for special needs children who might already be prone to a more relaxed pace of life. But there are many […]

3 Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Clean Their Bedroom

One of the most challenging things for any child is how easily they can become overstimulated. Think back to when you were a child and your parents asked you to clean your bedroom. The younger you were and the messier your bedroom was, the more overwhelmed you felt. Now think of your child with special […]

Weekly Menu-Dec-16-20

Scroll down for additional menus Monday Breakfast-Red Rabbit O’s Cereal WG Honeydew Low-Fat (1%), Milk Lunch-Chicken Cacciatore Farfalle Pasta Sauteed Kale Oranges Low-Fat (1%), Milk Vegetarian lunch-Jerk Tofu Brown Rice Green Peas Oranges Tuesday Breakfast-Banana Pancakes WG Fruit Compote Topping Pineapples Low-Fat (1%), Milk Lunch-Double Bean Chili Steamed Brown Rice WG Shredded Cheddar Cheese Pico […]

Special Need Children: Inclusion in Household Duties

Every child with special needs must feel included in terms of participating and helping around the house. A child with cerebral palsy, autism or any other special need can still be included in maintaining the household duties. When a child participates in the household chores it is part of their ongoing life education because it […]