Providing each student with the right combination, frequency and duration of related services, in a collaborative team approach, is what sets us apart.  Related services like physical and occupational therapy, combined with speech and language pathology are critical to the success of each student.

We have a team of 7 speech therapists and over 10 behaviorists on staff to ensure all of our students are well served.  Our legacy in speech and language therapy began in 1967 when The Deron School initially opened as a school for the deaf.  These deep roots in speech and language therapy are still evident today, over 50 years later. 

Our unique collaboration between our BCBAs and Occupational Therapists make it possible for us to create “a whole is greater than the sum of its parts” scenario for our students.  Our assessments are comprehensive, holistic and actionable through this collaborative team approach.


Deron Social Workers provide scheduled counseling for students with a relevant IEP.  Social workers collaborate with the behavior department to assist with immediate and long-term goals. As critical team members, Deron’s social workers act as case managers facilitating IEP meetings and acting as the liaison coordinating with students, their families and their sending school districts.  In a student’s final stage at Deron, our social workers assist graduating students and their families with the important task of registering with the Division of Developmental Disabilities and also encourage them to connect with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS). Both of these agencies provide services to assist disabled individuals in coping with adult life issues.

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