The Benefits of Early Childhood Intervention

The Need for Early Childhood Intervention in Education 

Language and communication delays are often the first sign of developmental issues amongst young children. To provide the most effective support for these children, specialists believe that early childhood intervention is critical.

What is Early Childhood Intervention?

According to the CDC, early childhood intervention is the term used to describe services and support that help babies and toddlers (from birth to 3 years of age) with developmental delays or disabilities. This typically includes speech, physical, and other therapies based on the needs of the child. Through early childhood intervention, children can significantly impact their ability to overcome delays, learn new things, and lead a successful life.

The Benefits of Early Childhood Intervention 

To ensure that a child reaps the benefits of early intervention, it’s essential that they begin as young as possible. Through the thorough implementation of therapy and services, there are several benefits of early intervention.

1. Provides Resources and Information

Through early intervention, parents can receive critical information, resources, and support that they will need to aid their child during this process. This can provide parents with the confidence to facilitate their child’s therapy techniques.

2. Improves Relationships and Behavior

When children have language and communication delays, they struggle to communicate with parents, teachers, and peers. This can cause behavioral issues due to their frustration over their inability to convey how they feel. By providing them with early intervention therapy, they can begin to develop communication skills that will aid in their relationships and behavioral issues.

3. Promote Success in School

Once communication delays are sorted out and children receive the help they need, this can severely impact their schooling. This can help them with both reading and writing and influences later success in school.

4. Makes Learning More Enjoyable

For children with developmental delays, learning can be a very overwhelming and stress-inducing task. But when implementing early intervention tactics, children that actively work on their communication skills will find that learning in school is much more enjoyable.

5. Potential to Change a Child’s Developmental Path

For many children with early delays, receiving the help that they need early on is essential. By the time a child turns three years old, most of the primary brain structures are mature, making it much more challenging to make significant changes in development. Consequentially, the earlier children are introduced to early intervention, the more potential they have to change their current developmental path.

How The Deron School Can Help Your Child

Since 1967, The Deron School has offered a state-approved private school program and services tailored to fit your child’s needs. If you believe that your child would benefit from our wide array of resources and services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our leadership team with any admission inquiries.

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