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What is the Special Education System and How Does It Work?

The words “special education” represent a wide umbrella-like term that categorizes children who do not learn like their peers. Depending if they have intellectual difficulties or developmental delays, children with learning disabilities require a different approach to schooling, one that can fit their needs without a problem. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean just smaller class […]

Benefits of Interacting with Animals for Children with Autism

Humans interacting with pet companions have many benefits. Holding a pet can relax and calm you. But what about children with disabilities? Scientific research has concluded that pets and other friendly animals have a number of positive effects on children with special needs. There are various forms of animal meeting programs and animal therapy  to […]

Is Your Child a Shut-Down Learner?

Is your child a “shut-down learner”? Shut-down learners are children who become discouraged at school and disconnected over time. But how do kids become shut-down learners? Some factors might include problems with early education development, confusion for the child in a learning environment, or the inability to communicate need help to parents or teacher leading […]

Exercise Proven Beneficial to Children With Developmental Disabilities

While ABA therapy is the most commonly used treatment for autism spectrum disorders, as well as added speech or occupational therapy, studies show that a more traditional practice has been proven to provide help for children with autism and special needs. Many parents and therapists focus on their child’s speaking abilities, as well as their […]

Three Commonly Held Myths About Autism

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 50 school-aged children are diagnosed with some form of autism. Given these relatively high rates of occurrence, it is likely that you know someone who has been affected by the disorder. As any researcher will tell you, autism research is in its beginning stages […]

Knowing the Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders

In the United States, children with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders, are becoming more and more common. Currently, one in 50 school children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. As parents, we know that comes with a set of great responsibilities. Working with learning disabilities means finding special education programs that are unique […]

What Kind of Special Education is Right For Your Child?

Parents with children who have learning disabilities such as autism face an important question when their child reaches the age of kindergarten: what kind of special education program is right for my special needs child? When it comes to children with special needs, each has unique educational, emotional, and general caretaking requirements that should be […]

The Learning Styles of Autism

How does your child with autism learn best? Recent surveys show that the prevalence of autism has increased by about 33%. Previously, only one in 68 children were diagnosed with autism. In 2015, the odds have increased to one in 45, and this number has increased even more dramatically since the 1980s. But the reasons […]

Spotting the Early Signs of Autism

Up until recently, autism spectrum disorders have been largely shrouded in mystery for parents and medical experts alike. While the “root” or definitive cause of autism has yet to be found, recent innovations in autism research have proved fruitful, yielding knowledge that allows experts and parents to cope with the disorder in the best way […]