What Others Say About Us

“I have twin boys (Ryan and Keith) that started at The Deron School in 5th grade-going on 4 years now.  They are both on the spectrum/have ASD. As soon as I walked in, it felt like home. I honestly didn’t want an outside (district) placement for my kids, but it became clear when they hit a certain age that their school could not handle their specific needs. Though they are both so very different from one another, both are incredibly well served by the teachers, aides, professionals and teams at Deron. I could not be happier to have them there. I am excited to see their progression and accomplishments and looking forward to having them move onto the Montclair campus.”

– Parent

“This is my first year at Deron, however I have been a Special Education teacher for almost 20. I have felt a sense of community and support by peers and administration since the day I walked in. It is also clear that our students are happy to be here, and know that they are respected and truly cared about by staff. I am very happy to be a part of such a great program.

– Staff Member

“The Deron School has provided our family a bright beacon of hope for our son and his future. Every part of the school is inspiring, from the beautiful art decorated hallways to the nurturing staff and administrators. They give the support necessary for our son to have a comprehensive educational experience. We have seen an impressive growth in his academic skills which have resulted in more social confidence and expressive language. We feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful school!

– Parent

“The Deron School has been so wonderful to work with over the years. The entire team is professional, caring, task oriented and completely dedicated to meeting the needs of the individual student. You could not ask for a better partnership.”

– Union County Case Manager

“Over the past few years, my daughter has matured into an organized, confident and responsible young lady. As she approaches 16 years old, she is ready for her next journey to Deron Montclair. She could not have reached this goal without the continued support and structure at the Union Campus. We absolutely love this school. Forever thankful!”

– Parent

“The Deron School has always been student-centered in terms of instruction, activities and overall development. The students are allowed to express themselves with the help of staff in a small family atmosphere. Leadership at Deron embraces both cultural and individual differences. As a teacher, they value one’s pedagogy and allow it to flourish.”

– Staff Member

“As a Child Study Team Case Manager, I have worked with The Deron School for the last ten years. I have always been made to feel like one of the ‘family’ as do my students. The (extra) care that is given to the students is immeasurable. The administrators and teaching staff are beyond compare.”

– Hudson County Case Manager

“I have enjoyed 25 years as a music educator at The Deron School. Over these years I have seen our students’ social and academic lives flourish due to the fact that Deron School has made music education a part of our school curriculum. As a result, our students participate in concert performances, both in school and outside in the community. I am proud to be a part of this school community.”

– Staff Member

“Words cannot express how grateful we are to have found the Deron School. A true gem! We found staff and administration who formed a partnership with us to achieve a common goal – setting our son up for success now and in the future. We found a school that teaches our son practical life skills, while pushing him academically. We found a school with an open door policy and staff members who not only communicate effectively and in a timely fashion, but also listen and come up with creative solutions to any challenges our son/we encounter. We found a school with a nurturing environment with staff that love what they do and it shows. We found a school that offers our son enrichment opportunities he would not have been exposed to otherwise. We found a school that believes in our son just as much as we do. We not only found a school, we found a home at Deron.”

– Parent

“As a school social worker, I have worked with the staff at Deron for over twenty-five years. The teachers, social workers, therapists and administrators are all dedicated to helping children with special needs. The needs of the children always come first, and the school provides a warm, nurturing environment in which to learn. When I visit Deron to monitor my students’ educational programs, I consistently feel that the children are receiving a high quality education.

– Essex County Case Manager

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