5 History Facts About Autism Awareness Month

Happy Autism Awareness Month from The Deron School

April is Autism Awareness Month, an international event established to increase understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism. At The Deron School, we provide educational resources for children and young adults with autism.

In honor of this special month, we would like to share some exciting facts about the history of Autism Awareness Month.

History Fact #1: Autism Awareness Month Started in April 1970

Autism Awareness Month was founded in April 1970 by Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., a psychologist and autism researcher. He chose the month of April to coincide with his son’s birthday, as well as the start of spring—a time for new beginnings.

History Fact #2: President Ronald Reagan Was the First to Issue an Official Presidential Proclamation Regarding Autism

In April 1988, President Ronald Reagan issued the first presidential proclamation declaring April as National Autism Awareness Month. This was significant progress and began a new era of awareness, which opened opportunities for people with autism to live fuller and more productive lives.

History Fact #3: The Puzzle Piece Becomes a Symbol of Power for the Autism Community

The Puzzle Piece has become an internationally recognized symbol of power, strength, hope, and unity for those affected by autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). The puzzle piece was first introduced in 1963 by the National Autistic Society as part of their logo. The Puzzle Piece symbolizes the complexity of ASDs and reminds us that we are all interconnected.

History Fact #4: Autism Speaks Steps Up in 2004

Autism Speaks is a global organization that works tirelessly to educate and support individuals living with autism. In 2004, they launched the Light It Up Blue campaign to bring awareness to autism. The goal was simple: get everyone worldwide—from businesses and schools to homes and public places—to light up blue in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

At The Deron School, we are proud to join forces with organizations like Autism Speaks in celebrating this month. We believe that by creating an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding for those living with autism, together, we can make a difference.

History Fact #5: Autism Awareness Month Goes Global

In recent years, Autism Awareness Month has become an international event. More countries are joining the cause to raise autism awareness and increase the acceptance of individuals with ASDs. This is a powerful step forward in creating a brighter future for children living with autism worldwide.

April marks Autism Awareness Month—a time to come together to support individuals living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Let’s use this month to celebrate the progress of those facing ASD and recognize how far we have yet to go in providing adequate resources for them.

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