Considering ESY (Extended School Year) For Your Child?

Keeping up your child’s educational progress over the summer is more attainable with Extended School Year (ESY) services. They are unique programs designed to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to a special needs student. As parents involved in their child’s education, it’s important to know that ESY services are not necessarily the same as:

  • Summer school
  • Compensatory services
  • Enrichment programs

A student’s eligibility for ESY is determined by his or her IEP team, including the parent(s).  Factors such as interfering behaviors, emerging skills, breakthrough opportunities, and critical life skills are also considered when deciding whether your child will benefit from an ESY program. There is a chance that your child will not qualify for an ESY program under their IEP. Or you may decide to work at home with your child during school breaks. In that case there are a wide range of special education resources and specific special education homeschool resources that you can adapt and use with your child.

To prevent your child from regressing during the summer break in academics or skills learned, ESY can be truly beneficial. The program provides half-day special class instruction and operates for at least 30 days.

Deron’s Extended School Year (ESY) programs offer individualized academic instruction, transition activities & related services to students who require these services beyond the traditional school year. While they receive on-going instruction in academic areas, and related services; students also participate in fun physical activities, daily living skills, music, art, gardening and other outdoor experiences.

For more information about ESY programs at Deron Schools, contact us today!

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