Spooktacular Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas

5 Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas for Hands-On Fun

At The Deron School, we believe in creating engaging and inclusive learning experiences for our students. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to dive into the world of sensory play with some spooktacular Halloween-themed sensory bin ideas!

Sensory bins allow students to explore different textures, colors, and materials while engaging their senses playfully and educationally. In this article, we’re excited to share some Halloween sensory bin ideas that will ignite imagination and provide hands-on fun for our students.

The Enchanted Pumpkin Patch


  • Plastic pumpkin containers (real or faux)
  • Plastic or foam pumpkin decorations
  • Fall leaves (real or artificial)
  • Miniature scarecrows
  • Plastic bugs and critters
  • Sensory-friendly soil (kinetic sand, rice, or beans)


Transform your sensory bin into an enchanted pumpkin patch by filling plastic pumpkin containers with sensory-friendly soil. Add plastic or foam pumpkin decorations, fall leaves, and miniature scarecrows for a festive touch. Incorporate plastic bugs and critters to create a sense of discovery as students sift through the soil. This sensory bin idea encourages tactile exploration and imaginative play.

Ghastly Ghost Hunt


  • White rice or shredded white paper
  • Ghost-shaped cookie cutters
  • Miniature plastic ghosts
  • Small plastic cauldrons or containers


Engage students in a ghastly ghost hunt by filling the sensory bin with white rice or shredded paper. Hide ghost-shaped cookie cutters and miniature plastic ghosts within the rice or paper.

Provide students with small plastic cauldrons or containers to collect their ghostly discoveries. Students will enhance their fine motor skills and sensory awareness as they search for hidden ghosts.

Creepy Crawly Sensation


  • Black kinetic sand or playdough
  • Plastic spiders, worms, and insects
  • Plastic eyes or googly eyes
  • Small scoops and tools for manipulation


Create a creepy crawly sensation with black kinetic sand or playdough as the base of this sensory bin. Introduce plastic spiders, worms, and insects for students to bury, dig up, and manipulate. Add plastic eyes or googly eyes to the mix for an extra dose of spookiness. Encourage students to use small scoops and tools to explore the different textures and shapes within the bin.

Witch’s Brew Exploration


  • Water beads (orange or green for a festive touch)
  • Plastic cauldrons or containers
  • Plastic potion bottles
  • Miniature broomsticks and witches’ hats
  • Plastic spiders or bats


For a magical experience, set up a witch’s brew exploration sensory bin. Use orange or green water beads to represent the magical ingredients in the brew. Provide plastic cauldrons, potion bottles, miniature broomsticks, witches hats, and plastic spiders or bats for students to immerse themselves in imaginative play. The squishy and slippery texture of the water beads adds an extra sensory dimension to this activity.

Pumpkin Patch Playdough Paradise


  • Orange playdough
  • Green playdough
  • Miniature pumpkin decorations
  • Plastic playdough tools


Transform playdough into a pumpkin patch paradise! Set up the sensory bin with orange playdough as the base. Add green playdough for the pumpkin vines. Incorporate miniature pumpkin decorations and plastic playdough tools for students to create pumpkin patch scenes. This activity enhances fine motor skills, creativity, and sensory exploration.

The Importance of Inclusive Halloween Fun

At The Deron School, we strive to provide inclusive and enjoyable experiences for all our students. These Halloween sensory bin ideas offer an excellent opportunity for students to engage with their senses, explore different textures, and foster creativity.

Happy Halloween, and may the sensory fun begin!

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