The Value of Private Special Education Schools

Private Special Education Schools Help Students Reach Their Greatest Potential

On March 8th, an opinion piece was published on in response to the release of private special education schools’ tuition rates for the fiscal year of 2022. This article focused on scrutinizing the expense of these private special education schools and claim that special needs students should be utilizing the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) for a “fraction of the cost.”

Interestingly, this article fails to mention the additional charges and costs of therapies, extended summer learning, and specialized services. These services can add tens of thousands of dollars to ESCNJ’s tuitions, making this fiscal argument invalid. Private special education schools have no hidden charges within their tuitions and view their students as more than just a price tag. These services are factored into private school tuition rates because they are designed to support and nurture each student’s specific needs.

Why Private Special Education Schools are Valuable

At The Deron School, we offer a state-approved private school program for students with multiple disabilities (MD), physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and down syndrome. Our top priority is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment to help our students reach their highest potential. Here are three reasons why private special education schools are valuable to our community:

1. Special Services and Resources

We provide a comprehensive school experience for our students through specialized services based on our students’ specific needs to empower them to reach their highest level of independence and achievement. Our services include extended summer learning, sensory integration, a specialized Autism program, and more.

2. Qualified Instructors

Our instructors have extensive training and experience to provide our students with the optimal school experience. All classes at The Deron School are small, with the necessary ratio of specialists to students to provide additional support.

3. Supportive Community

As mentioned above, our students’ community experience is a top priority for the Deron School. Ensuring that our students feel valued, safe, and supported is crucial to our community.

Private special education schools are more than an expensive check. Schools, such as The Deron School, work with our students’ families to provide the optimal experience for our students to lead successful and happy lives. If you have any inquiries about tuition rates or the admission process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our leadership team.

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