What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy for Autism?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a scientifically proven method of behavior modification that has been used for decades in treating various conditions, including autism. ABA therapy focuses on analyzing and reinforcing positive behaviors while decreasing negative behaviors, aiming to improve social functioning and quality of life.


At The Deron School, our ABA clinicians are dedicated to helping our students reach their fullest potential. We provide best-in-class ABA therapy services and a comprehensive approach that includes family collaboration, hands-on learning opportunities, and ongoing assessments to ensure your child is progressing toward their goals.

The Theory Behind ABA Therapy

The principles derived from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) form the foundation of our instructional approach at The Deron School. Throughout the day, our highly trained instructional staff, led by our dedicated practitioners, implement these principles with a strong emphasis on reinforcement procedures. By utilizing reinforcement procedures, we aim to increase the future occurrence of desired behaviors while employing other effective strategies to address and diminish challenging behaviors.


Our team, consisting of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and behavior technicians, applies these strategies to create a structured learning environment. Their expertise allows them to teach new skills, reinforce appropriate behaviors, and make necessary modifications tailored to each learner’s needs. To ensure progress, we closely monitor behaviors and abilities daily, analyzing the learner’s development and adjusting our approach accordingly.

ABA Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorder

ABA is scientifically proven to help treat children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It has been used to reduce challenging behaviors associated with ASD, such as increasing language abilities, improving overall functioning at home and school, promoting independent living skills, fostering better communication between parents/caregivers and their children with ASD, and improving the overall well-being of those living with ASD.


Furthermore, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has gained recognition for effectively addressing challenging and socially inappropriate behaviors. Our practitioners diligently analyze the underlying functions of these behaviors, enabling them to develop personalized treatment plans for each student.


With its systematic methodology, ABA allows us to identify behavior patterns and implement a reward-based system to reinforce positive actions. Over time, this approach yields increasingly favorable outcomes. When administered by certified professionals who possess extensive experience in this domain, ABA therapy has the potential to produce remarkable results for individuals seeking assistance in managing their autism symptoms and enhancing their daily lives.

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