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A New Google Glass App May Provide Long Term Help For Children With Autism

As a neural disorder, autism changes the way a person’s synapses connect and organize information. Because of this, individuals on the autism spectrum often have difficulty with communicating based on an inability to properly synthesize social cues and interactions. As shown in special education schools and across America, special education programs that utilize technology are […]

New App Identifies “Autism-Friendly” Public Spaces

Autism is becoming increasingly prevalent, with as many as one in 50 school-age children affected by the neurological development disorder. Thankfully, parents and family members raising children with autism are banding together to lend each other support. Father Topher Wurts, 48, is even developing an innovative mobile application. The app, named Autism Village, would help […]

Autism Spectrum Disorders Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Autism has become something of an epidemic, especially in children. About 50 years ago, autism was not nearly as prevalent as it is now. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in today’s schools, about one in 50 children have a form of autism. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects […]

Change to School Calendar

Please Note: The staff in-service day has been changed from March 13th to March 20th. School will be in session on March 13th & will be closed on March 20th.

Introducing Deron II’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Deron II’s newly-formed Parent-Teacher Organization is comprised of parents, guardians and Deron staff members. The PTO’s mission is to promote open communication and understanding between parents / caregivers and staff.  The group plans to provide supplemental educational materials and experiences, and to support school and family social interaction.  “A major goal of the organization is […]