About eLearning

Deron’s one-to-one technology currently supports eLearning making it the primary platform that will be used in the event of an emergency to ensure students can continue to receive four hours (240 minutes) of meaningful and relevant instruction per day. 

Requirements for eLearning and Equitable Access

eLearning requires the use of a mobile device and access to the Internet. Your child will be provided with a device for this purpose. If your child will not have access to the Internet at home, please call the school or email your child’s teacher so that we can discuss alternative ways for your child to participate.

All Students will have access to:

  • A personal device for eLearning 
  • A Deron email address to communicate with their teachers and related service providers
  • Access to Google classroom and Google hangouts
  • Access to video and/or audio conferencing via Zoom
  • Access to educational websites used in class and aligned to lessons 
  • Credentials to log in to apps providing supplemental instruction

Additional measures taken to ensure equitable access to instruction include:

  • Video conferencing via Zoom in the event of technical difficulties with Google
  • Audio conferencing via Zoom for students with limited access to the Internet 
  • Video tutorials for parents and students 
  • Access to IT support for parents and students 
  • Workbooks and other resources prepared for each student

Staying Connected With Your School Community

Ensuring multiple ways parents and teachers can continue to communicate is paramount. The Deron School will continue to share pertinent information using the following methods:

  • Honeywell Instant Alert
    Allows administration to communicate information with all stakeholders using a voice recorded message, email and text
  • Principals Update
    Allows the principals at each campus to communicate with parents and guardians via email
  • Email
    All staff and students at The Deron School are assigned an email address using the same format.  Your child’s teacher is available via email and will maintain remote access to your child’s pertinent information, including their IEP, and other relevant information.
  • Video Tutorials 
    Embedded below, these videos will help you and your child navigate the E-Learning process at Deron.  Additional videos will be added as deemed necessary. 

Safe Use of the Internet and Your Device 

Please note, each Chromebook has a built-in camera. When used with Google Hangout; the camera feature allows the teacher to facilitate interactive lessons with video conferencing and the ability to screen share. When used properly, Google Hangout greatly enhances Google Classroom, providing a fuller and more meaningful eLearning experience for your child.   As your child gets acclimated to this process, they will need your assistance and your continued oversight. 

When your child is using the Internet at The Deron School, certain sites are blocked, activity is monitored and administrators notified when a student attempts to access inappropriate material.  These safeguards are designed to work with wifi at school. It is important to remember that when your child uses their school device at home, they will have free and open access to the internet and should be closely monitored.

Chromebooks will be assigned for school-related work and should not be used for other purposes. Proper handling and use of their device will ensure your child can actively participate in their lessons.  Please review the following guidelines with your child.

  • Keep your Chromebook clean
    • Sanitize your hands before using the device
    • Avoid eating or drinking while using your device
  • Respect your Chromebook
    • Hold it with 2 hands
    • Never carry it by the lid
    • Do not change the desktop image or modify any settings
    • Avoid placing items on top of your Chromebook 
    • Avoid storing in extreme heat or cold 
  • Powering up and shutting down
    • Plug the Chromebook in if it has less than 20% power
    • Check that the power plug has power (lights up)
    • Always log out and shut down the Chromebook when finished
    • If a Chromebook is not working properly, report it immediately to the instructor.


The following video tutorials will help you and your child navigate the eLearning process

How to Log In to a Deron Student's Google account (Part 1 of 2)
How to Log In to a Deron Student's Google account (Part 2 of 2)
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