What Makes Red Rabbit Exceptional? Five Facts About This Leading Food Group

As you know, on February 4 The Deron School had the immense privilege of switching our meal service to Red Rabbit, the preeminent nutrition company that now serves 200 centers, daycares, and schools. This has been an exciting partnership, one that we believe supports our mission, commitment to excellence, and will create long-lasting and healthy diets for our students.  The meal program comes at no extra charge and accommodates varying types of dietary needs.

We understand that change can be difficult, and we are committed to helping you and your children get acclimated to the new ordering system and menu. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts were proactive in creating a plan to address challenging behaviors that could arise from this change. It’s clear our students have quickly adapted and have fully embraced the new food choices. On day one 98% of students participating in the meal program tried a portion or ate all of their meal! Principal Mariesa Grado says, “I am thrilled that our healthy meals initiative was so quickly embraced by our students with the support of our staff.”  What exactly sets Red Rabbit apart? Read below for some fun facts on this revolutionizing company.


1 Red Rabbit Meals are Differently — and Daringly — Delicious

Red Rabbit knows that, first and foremost, it is serving young students. So while the meals are healthy, they still need to be fun. That’s why their meals riff on classic kids’ food while adding a nutritious kick. They add cauliflower to their mac and cheese and homemade barbecue sauce to pulled turkey to ensure the best ingredients go into each meal.


2 Variety, Variety, Variety

As they say in real estate: location, location, location. With food, Red Rabbit believes in variety: varying up the foods you eat ensures a balanced and healthy diet. Their menu’s diversity is unique; in a given 20-calendar day month, kids are getting over 14 different meals, or nearly a new meal each and every school day.


3 Accompanying Treats

Each of Red Rabbit’s meals comes with a little bit of sugar — natural sugar, that is. Meals are always accompanied by fresh cut fruits such as honeydew or pineapple to satiate a student’s sweet tooth without overloading them with sugar in less natural forms. The bit of sugar gives them quick energy and pep while teaching them to rely on fruits instead of overstuffed, inorganic sweets.

4 Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Delivery

Red Rabbit lunches at Deron

You won’t find any cardboard boxes on Red Rabbit’s delivery trucks — the company maintains optimal temperature of food while in transit and ensures, in combination with using the best ingredients, that students are served healthy and hot plates each day. Never frozen, always fresh.


5 Customer Service is Key

Like The Deron School, Red Rabbit is open to feedback and parents’ questions. Follow them on social media — @myredrabbit — or reach out via email to inquiries@rmyredrabbit.com.

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