3 Actions to Take If Your Child Is Underperforming in School

As a parent, making sure that your child succeeds in school is one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, despite so many programs in place that try to help your child, some schools can often fall short.

In many cases, shortcomings in the classroom can be linked to a learning disorder or other special need that has gone undiagnosed. If your child’s below-average school performance has gone unexplained, consider taking the following actions.

  1. Receive a diagnosis from an outside physician

    While the Department of Education requires schools to evaluate their incoming students, they stop short of receiving a clinical diagnosis. This often means that children with significant special needs are placed into programs where they can get the help they need, but those who are on the borderline of diagnosis are left to perform with children on a traditional track. Because of this, more students than they realize are struggling. Having a clinical evaluation from someone not affiliated with the school can be extremely beneficial in the future. After a report is generated, you will have an illustrated list of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a recommended treatment plan. You can present this information to an educator in order to help them understand your child’s specific needs.

  1. Find an education lawyer

    Child advocacy and education lawyers can offer advice when it comes to talking to schools about their special education programs. They can also represent you in case of any education malpractice that you encounter in your child’s current school.

  1. Research and apply to private schools for special needs children

    Schools for students with learning disabilities specifically may help some children learn better while working at their own pace. While public schools are legally obligated to provide individual education plans for all special needs students, with such large class sizes, sometimes these “individualized” plans aren’t so. Private education for special needs students tends to be more impactful and allows students the ability to grow with a small group of peers as well as receive plenty of teacher interaction.

The Deron School prides itself in fostering an environment best suited for the needs of each and every student. We believe that private education for special needs students is extremely beneficial and gives these children the resources they need to succeed.

It’s a consensus among 79% of Americans that children learn in different ways. Special needs education can help children achieve and unlock their full potential.

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