Developing Language and Shaping Behavior

Why do students with ASD thrive at Deron?

We take a holistic approach in identifying each student’s unique abilities. This individualized approach shapes what strategies, instructional methods and techniques will be used when developing their program. We do not differentiate classes by disability because we understand that every student, even those with the exact same diagnosis, can display a different set of characteristics. It is so important we focus on the individual rather than the disability.

What is the foundation for students’ success?

We believe in a team approach with an intentional structure, integrated with positive behavior supports. Shaping behavior and helping our students develop language is a key component to helping students with ASD. Our collaborative service delivery model ensures our youngest learners receive the structure and supports vital to their long-term success.

In summary; why Deron?

Upon entering Deron, students immediately receive the full range of services and supports offered by our team of experts. We simultaneously and systematically create a cross-disciplinary approach that helps students achieve their goals at a faster rate. We will only fade supports when specific criteria are met.

At Deron, we put our students first, in a nurturing and loving environment- that is the icing on the cake and the glue that keeps it all together. Despite the cliché- this is actually true.

Can you provide an example?

To best explain our approach in a typical example, we utilize specialists in specific areas and truly work as a team. We place great value on students acquiring the skills to self-regulate and verbalize their wants and needs. Collaboration at Deron is consistent and ongoing. A student’s team typically consists of:

• Teacher
• Paraprofessional
• Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) • Social Worker
• Occupational Therapist

• Speech Therapist
• Physical Therapist
• District Case Manager • Home therapists
• Parents/family

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