Self-regulation tips for children with special needs

Behavioral issues are common in young children, making it difficult for them to adjust and excel in special education programs and school. Disruptive behaviors, such as temper tantrums and too much talking can negatively affect children’s learning environment. Providing parents, caregivers, and educators tips on how to help them manage their emotions, impulses, and behavior helps ensure that a child has the best educational experience. A new report released by the Administration for Children and Families suggests adopting self-regulation techniques and ways to manage stress levels for children.


Educators and parents can help teach and strengthen a child’s self-regulation abilities, through support and ample practice. It is a methodology that can start as young as toddler aged and can continue throughout adolescence. Here are some helpful basic ways to start implementing self-regulating habits for your child.


Tips for Parents:

Do not overact or let emotions get the best of you. State your feelings when you get angry and frustrated. Explain to your child how you will address those feelings.


Communicate effectively to connect with your child and to help him or her calm down. Speak in a gentle tone of voice, use eye contact and gestures that will attract your child’s attention. Explain that everyone feels angry sometimes and that they have to learn how to move on and redirect them to productive outlets.


Find calming activities for the child. Determine what can alleviate the child’s stressors. Choose physical and motor activities that will help them de-stress, such as rolling a blanket tightly, jumping rope, chewing on gum or eating a snack.


Teach your child self-calming techniques such as deep breathing, playing with play dough or have them watch a calming video.


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