5 Classroom Accommodations That Can Help Your Students

Classroom Accommodations Educators Should Be Implementing

As we kick off the back-to-school season, special education educators may already be noticing the struggle that students with developmental disabilities are experiencing with this major change in routine.

Here are five classroom accommodations that educators can implement to ease this transitional phase in their students’ lives.

5 Classroom Accommodations That Can Help Students with Special Needs

Frequent Progress Checks

Providing your students with frequent progress checks will not only help boost their self-esteem but also encourage them to continue working towards their goals. Letting them know how well they are progressing will keep them engaged and ready to learn.

Provide Verbal & Written Instruction

Every child with developmental disabilities is differently-abled, meaning that some children will excel in some respects that others will have difficulty with. That’s why it’s critical as an instructor that you provide straightforward and easy-to-follow directions. By providing written, visual, and verbal instruction, at least one will appeal to all your differently-abled students.

Provide Immediate Feedback

Giving immediate feedback to students with developmental disabilities is essential. These students need to quickly identify the relationship between what was taught and what was learned. By providing immediate praise, students will recognize classroom expectations.

Keep Activities Concise & Short

For some students with developmental disabilities, long and complex activities can become draining and overwhelming. Opt for more concise activities and projects that will keep your students engaged and mentally stimulated from start to finish.

Encourage Cooperative Learning

Depending on the abilities of your students, consider adding more cooperative activities into the classroom. Especially ones that encourage students to leave their seats and move around. This will give them time to socialize, get their energy out, and have fun!

How The Deron School Can Help

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