How to Prepare Your Child for a New School Year

Impossible as it seems, a new school year is just around the corner! As families enjoy the final weeks by the beach and days by the pool, we at The Deron School are eagerly anticipating another fruitful academic year with our young learners. There are many ways to prepare you and your child for a new schedule — from having a calendar with days they can check off until school begins to arranging playdates with classmates your child can expect to see come September. As your children ready themselves for a new, and perhaps familiar routine, below are some tips we are happy to offer to smooth transitions and begin another successful school year.


1 -Add Nutritional Meals Into the Mix

Summer may be a time of barbecues, boardwalk treats, and trips to the ice cream parlor, but sadly our sweet tooth’s vacation must also come to an end this fall. Prepare your child for a new academic year by instating a healthy meal routine. Perhaps on weeknights serve them broccoli — or their favorite vegetable to remind them of a more regular schedule. Incentivize more nutritious eating options; try letting them pick out a new lunchbox with their favorite TV or book character on it in exchange for eating a piece of fruit each day. Be collaborative and creative! Your child will appreciate the extra care you’re taking and will feel inclined to participate.


2 -Set Bedtime Routines to Improve Sleep Cycles

Such food tips go hand in hand with good sleep habits. If your child has been enjoying later bedtime hours in the summer, begin reinstating an academic year schedule as the new term approaches. Explain to your child that this new schedule is so they can be rested and alert in the classroom. Figure out what helps your child get the most undisturbed and restorative sleep: do they have a weighted blanket they enjoy? An important and beloved stuffed animal? Make sure they don’t consume sugar two hours before bedtime, and be sure to block out all light with curtains to avoid too much stimuli.


3- Visit Our School!

After discussing with your child the habits and routines a new school year will bring, have them swing by The Deron School to refamiliarize themselves with our campus. This will help take away any shocks or unexpected surprises when they return on the first day of school. If you would like to set up a tour or a meeting with a teacher to most effectively help your child, don’t be afraid to call The Deron School in advance! We are always here to help and want to ensure that you and your child have the securest and most promising school year yet.

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