The Importance of Reading with Your Child This Summer

The Deron School prides itself on being proactive about our students’ education year-round. This includes the summertime, a period for which we’ve previously offered ways to keep your child mathematically engaged. Now, we turn our attention to reading, where The Deron School’s reading specialist Mary Hynes dives into some tips to keep your child curious and well-read all summer long.

One of the biggest ways you can encourage reading is to take part it in yourself. Set up a routine so you’re reading to them for a half-hour at the same time every day. Make use of their favorite stories — there’s no harm in repeating a book! Reread a favorite of theirs aloud often. Soon, your child may be able to retell the story or reread the book aloud to you. This demonstrates that you are interested in their growth but also shows them a role model who reads, encouraging an interest in literature of their own as they mature.

Remember that this is an activity that can happen anywhere, even at the beach. Perhaps have a new, colorful book set aside that’s specific for beach time use. Find a nautical-themed story that you and your child can peruse together with wind in your hair and sand in your toes.

And when your child does read aloud, help them by pronouncing new words for them. Repeat the word a few times so they can hear and parrot them. No need to make this “teaching time,” but keep it light and fun — the goal here is to encourage a love of reading and books.

If you’re short on ideas or running out of books at home, know that your local library will have a bountiful children’s section rich in colorful picture (and sometimes pop-up) books that may be to your child’s liking. Many libraries also offer Reading Hours and activities where they can interact with other children while hearing an exciting tale. While at the library, encourage your child to explore the shelves and find a story that interests them; let them inspire your next reading session and ignite their own interest in the books they read.

While at home, the internet could also be a virtual library to find books and activities to explore. If your child enjoys arts and crafts, Google a few projects and present some options so your child can make decisions and begin a new project. Similarly, if you are preparing for a vacation or outing (at the zoo, beach, park, or city), find books related to that topic and read them aloud to your child so they can familiarize themselves.

Few are more curious than children, and reading can unlock new knowledge and ideas. Encourage their passions through reading, online research, and crafts. And, as always, make it fun for both of you! Enjoy spending time with your child while keeping the mood positive and the experience memorable.

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